Due to years working as a freelance translator and due to the professional experience that I acquired during my stints abroad, I am able to express myself across a wide range of stylistic levels.

From translating complex technical texts, literary works and sophisticated speeches to handling the encrypted slang of criminals when I assist the police with their investigations - I am at home with all levels of language.


Russian ↔ English ↔ German


Apart from linguistic competence a good translator and interpreter needs to have in-depth specialist expertise.

I specialise in the following fields:

Naturally, you can also turn to me if you require translations covering other fields.
My network of qualified linguists makes many things possible!


Depending on the required speciality and target language, I work with a team of qualified translators and interpreters who are all holders of postgraduate language degrees.

All colleagues in my team work on a freelance basis, have years of professional experience and are commissioned to carry out specific projects.

This ensures that we provide and you benefit from the expertise and exclusivity necessary to carry out your translation and interpreting assignments.

Birgit Kapper-Wichtler
+49 (0) 6782 9168