Our society is getting more colourful as people from other cultural backgrounds have long since become a part of our everyday life: We come across them in administrative offices, schools and hospitals but also in internationally active companies. In order to successfully live and work together, it is essential to acquire a certain level of "intercultural competence" - a core skill that enables us to respond to this
cultural variety with a competent, heart-and-mind approach.

Why not use my intercultural training services?
I train you and/or your employees to successfully interact with people from different cultures ‒ both within a multinational context (culture-general training) as well as
within an international context (culture-specific training).


As globalisation and worldwide migration movements are changing our lives for good, intercultural contacts are becoming an important part of everday life.

You may be working in a nursery, teaching at a school or carrying out social work; you may be engaged in health care, industry or politics, or work as a refugee aid professional or volunteer and as such you may need some tools for your encounters with people from other cultures. By attending individual seminars and training sessions you will find out how you and/or your employees can succeed in acquiring the necessary intercultural competence.

As a certified trainer for the modular training system called "Xpert Culture Communication Skills (Xpert CCS®)" I also offer the BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and MASTER modules that can, if required, be completed with a certification examination. Xpert CCS® is a professional development measure that is recognised all across Europe. The costs will be borne by your employer.

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In addition, I offer you tailor-made training programmes to help you optimise the business contacts of your company in specific countries and world regions.

Over the last few years, more and more internationally active companies have come
to realise the importance of cultural knowledge. Interculturally trained employees know how to avoid putting their foot in when meeting representatives of other cultures.

I help you choose the right approach when dealing with a specific country and its people. This way you and your products are bound to be popular wherever you go.

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